July 25th

25th Came fifteen miles today. Very mountainous. Encamped on Smith’s creek a small branch of Bear River. Bear River emties into Salt Lake (called on maps, Timpanogos) That Lake has no outlet & is said to be a great curiosity by those who have visited it. Large quantities of Salt may be obtained form the shore and that of the finest quality. We do not expect to pass it. ….. Endured the ride today very well notwithstanding its difficulties. Very mountainous. Paths winding on the sides of steep mountains In some places the path is so narrow as scarcely to afford room for the animals to place his foot. One after the other, we pass along with cautious steps.”

Marcus had left the large wagon at Fort Laramie, but he was determined to take the smaller wagon all the way. He had “a tedious time” on the 25th when the wagon got stuck in the creek and he got soaked pulling it out. Then the wagon tipped over twice. Narcissa wrote “He [is] not as fleshy as he was last winter. All the most difficult part of the way he was walked in his laborious attempt to take the wagon over.”

On the 26th they stayed in camp. Marcus was sick and “so lame with the rheumatism, as to be scarcely able to move.” The heat was oppressive, not conducive to rest, and the Indians set a fire near the camp, “which came near burning us out.” The 27th was a level route. “Our cattle endure the journey remarkably well. They are a source of great comfort to us in this land of scarcity. They supply us with sufficient milk for our tea & coffee which is indeed a luxury. We are obliged to shoe some of them on account of sore feet.”

They were now eating dry buffalo meat that they had purchased from the Indians and whatever meat or fish the travelers could find. “I can scarcely eat it, it appears so filthy, but it will keep us alive, & we ought to be thankful for it. We have had a few meals of fresh fish also which relished well. Have the prospect of obtaining plenty in one or two weeks more.”

Narcissa wanted her family to know she was at peace with her choice to marry Marcus and travel west. “Do not think I regret coming. No; far from it. I would not go back for a world. I am contented & happy notwithstanding I get very hungry & weary. Have six weeks steady journeying before us. Will the Lord give me patience to endure it. Feel sometime as if it was a long time to be traveling. Long for rest, but must not murmur.”

On the 28th one of the axle trees of the wagon broke. Narcissa “was a little rejoiced, for we were in hopes they would leave it & have no more trouble with it. Our rejoicing was in vain however for they are making a cart of the hind wheels this afternoon & lashing the forward wheels to it, intending to take it through in some shape or other.”

July 30th a few members of the party went ten miles off their route to visit the Soda Springs. “We came to a large spring of soda water Clear as crystal, effervescing continually. We took with us some soda & Acid to try the effect of a mixture & found that it effervesced with both, but the effervescence was greater with the Acid, than with the Soda. Drank freely of the water, found it very pleasant. Rode in all thirty miles.”


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