July 18th

Let’s let Narcissa write this week’s Facebook post (her spelling and punctuation!).
“Dearest Mother. We commenced our journey to Walla Walla July 18th 1836, under the protection of Mr. McLeod & his company. Came ten miles, in a southwesterly direction. The Flat Head and Nez Perces Indians & some lodges of the Snake tribe, accompany us to Fort Hall. While they are with us, we shall make but one camp in a day. On the 19th we did not move at all.

20th Came twelve miles in the same direction, as on the 18th over many steep & high mountains. On the 21st our course was southeast in the morning. Traveled fifteen miles. Yesterday the 22d was a tedious day to us, we started about nine o’clock A.M. rode until half past four, P M. Came twenty one miles. Had two short showers in the afternoon which cooled the air considerably, before this the heat was oppressive. I thought of Mothers bread & butter many times as any hungry child would, but did not find it on the way. I fancy pork & potatoes would relish extremely well. Have been living on fresh meat for two months exclusively. Am cloyed with it. I do not know how I shall endure this part of the journey. Find it much harder to make one camp in a day than we did to make two, while with Fitzparic [American Fur Company] for our dinner and two hours rest in the heat of the day, prepared us for a lengthy ride in the afternoon.

23d Our ride today has not been so fatiguing or lengthy as yesterday. Rode from nine o’clock AM. until one o’clock PM in the same direction, south west as yesterday. Felt a calm and peaceful state of mind all day.”


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