August 2nd

From Narcissa’s journal:
August 2nd Had an unusual long ride today. Heat excessive. Truly I thought “the Heavens over us were brass, & the earth iron under our feet.” Our route for two or three days past has been quite level. But the same scenery prevails, rocks & sandy plains covered with a species of wormwood called sage of a pale of green, offensive both to the sight & smell. We meet with frequent fertile spots however, often enough to furnish us & our animals with a comfortable Inn for the night. Had a feast of service berries today the first ripe ones we have seen. They are a small black berry, very sweet, something like the Pear in its flavour. Stoped & gathered some which rested me much, & answered the place of a dinner very well.

3rd Came to Fort Hall, this morning distance eight miles. A cool breeze made our ride very pleasant. Husband & myself were alone entirely behind the dust of camp & enjoyed a sweet repast in conversing about home & dear friends. Particularly Mother Loomis in her new situation. Thought a sight of her in her Diary would be particularly pleasant. Was much cheered with a view of the Fort at a considerable distance. Any thing that looks like a house makes us glad. Called and were hospitably entertained by Capt Thing who keeps the Fort. It was built by Capt Wyeth a gentleman form Boston, whom we saw at Rendezvous, on his way to the east. Our dinner consisted of bry buffalo meat, turnips & fried bread, which was a luxury. Mountain bread, is simply course flour & water mixed, & roasted or fried in buffalo grease. To one who has had nothing but meat for a long time this relishes very well! For tea we had the same with addition of some stewed service berries.

4th Enjoyed the cool retreat of an uper room this morning while writing. The buildings of the Fort are made of hewed logs roof covered with mud bricks, chimney & fireplaces also of the same. No windows except a square hole in the roof, & in the bastion a few port holes large enough for guns only. The buildings are all enclosed in a strong log wall. This affords them a place of safty when attacked by hostile Indians, as they frequently are, the Fort being in the Black Feet country. We were invited to breakfast & dinner, dined with them only.
End of journal entry

On August 5th they had ridden 10 miles. They came across the Pourtniff just before coming into camp. It was the widest rive that they had forded on horseback. The were swarmed with musquetoes as they crossed. They had a large river on the right and one on the left hand side as well. This was the first site of the Snake River and Fort Hall. They passed the Amercian falls in Snake River. The river at that point is about 800 feet wide and dropped 50 feet over a length of 200 feet.

A photo of what it might have looked like.

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