October 22nd

On October 22, it rained, the first rain Narcissa had seen since July 22. She wrote” In all the journey have not suffered any inconvenience from rain, while last year in the early part of it there was rain almost continually.”

Again, she writes of food: “I thought I would tell what kind of a dish we had set before us this morning. It is called black pudding. It is not a favorite dish with us Americans. It goes from the table untouched. It is made of blood and the fat of hogs, well spiced and filled into a gut.” However, they did have fruit. “There is a bunch [of grapes] now on the table before me, they are very fine. I save all the seeds of those I eat for planting and of apples also. This is a rule of Vancouver. I have got collected before me an assortment of garden seeds which I take up with me, also I intend taking some young sprouts of apple, peach and grapes and some strawberry vines etc. from the nursery here. Thus we have everything we could wish for supplied us, here we brought an assortment of seed from Cincinnati with us over the mountains.”

“We have every comfort we can ask for here, enough to eat and drink and are as well provided for as we should be in many boarding houses in the States.” Soon, those comforts would be just a memory!

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