October 18th

On October 18th, the Montreal Express arrived bringing “news from distant friends, both sad and pleasing.” (Googling ”Montreal Express” brings up a lacrosse team, a 21st century ship and an 1836 newspaper. Since it brought news from distant friends, it was probably an earlier ship.)

Narcissa wrotes:
“Mr. Spalding has come with it and brought a letter from my husband, filled with pleasing information. The Lord has been with them since they left us, and has prospered them beyond all expectations. They have each selected a location. My husband remains there to build, while Mr. Spalding comes after us. Cheering thought this, to be able to make a beginning in our pleasing work so soon.”

Marcus described the location for their mission in Cayuse country on the Walla Walla River about 25 miles east of the Fort, perhaps 300 acres with good land for cultivation and herding. The Spalding’s mission would be located about 110 miles east of the Whitmans in what is now Idaho. Marcus and Henry both intended to build houses during the fall and winter and be prepared to sow crops in the spring.

Narcissa wrote “We expect to leave here on the first of Nov., would be glad to go sooner if we could.” Apparently rain was expected which would delay the departure. Marcus promised to have a room ready for her a soon as she arrived. Eliza was going directly to their mission “without waiting for a house to be built.”

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