The Beginning

Born today in 1808 to Stephen and Clarissa (Ward) Prentiss in a small town named Prattsburgh. Narcissa Prentiss. She was the third child of nine and the eldest daughter. Being the eldest daughter, Narcissa helped with the upbringing of her younger brothers and sisters.
At a revival in 1819, Narcissa Prentiss, at the very young age of 11, had a conversion experience and was received as a member of the Congregational Church. Narcissa read about and was inspired by the life of Harriet Boardman, an American Board of Commissioners of Foreign Missions (ABCFM) missionary to India. At age 16, she decided she wanted to become a missionary.
The stretches of Narcissa are done from descriptions of her, as no photos are available. Want to learn more? Follow her journey with us.

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