September 30th

Still at Fort Vancouver, Narcissa wrote “We are invited to a ride as often as once a week for exercise and generally ride all the afternoon. Today Mrs. McLaughlin rode with us. She keeps her old habit of riding gentleman fashion. This is the universal custom of Indian women generally, they have saddles with high backs and fronts. We have been recommended to use these saddles as being a more easy way of riding, but have never seen the necessity of changing our fashion.” Of course, “our fashion” refers to riding sidesaddle which can’t have been very comfortable.

This was Narcissa’s last entry in September. She kept busy with the social requirements of the ladies, having many-course meals, teaching the children singing and noted “I am wholly occupied and can scarcely find as much time as I want for writing.” Eliza’s diary is also empty during this period.

They had spent six months journeying across the country and now waited impatiently for their husbands to return so they could begin their new lives.


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