May 24th

On Tuesday, May 24, they rode for 60 miles and arrived at the Loup Fork of the Platte River late that night, to discover that the Fur Company’s caravan was camped on the other shore. Wednesday, May 25, now traveling with the caravan they passed some large Pawnee Indian villages. Narcissa described the caravan in a letter to her brother, “Now E. [Edward], if you wish to see the camp in motion, look way ahead and see the first pilot and Capt. Fitzpatrick, just before him, next the pack animals, all mules loaded with great packs – soon after you will see the waggons [sic] and in the rear, our company.” There were 400 animals, 70 people, and 7 wagons drawn by 6 mules each. Imagine the dust raised by all of those animals and wagons ahead of the missionaries! Misery!

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