Have you eaten buffalo meat? Would you like it 3 meals a day with little else?

In her letter to Harriet and Edward Narcissa wrote, “I never saw anything like buffalo meat to satisfy hunger. We do not want anything else with it. I have eaten three meals of it and it relishes well.” Herds of buffalo have finally been seen and one bull crossed their trail. They “took the trouble to chase him so as to have a near view” and Narcissa and Eliza “got out of the wagon and ran upon bluff to see him.”
In 1838, missionary Cornelius Rogers wrote “The [buffalo] meat is very sweet and easily cooked. Ten minutes boiling is enough, more will make it tough. The meat is sometimes “jerked” by being dried in the sun or over a slow fire. In this state it can be kept for three or four days in the most sultry weather.”
Monday morning, June 6, Narcissa hastily finished her letter because a “man from the mountains” had arrived who would take letters to the post office.”We are all in health this morn and making rappid {sic} progress in our journey. By the fourth of July our Capt. intends to be at the place where Mr. Parker and husband parted last fall. We are a month earlier padding here than they were last spring.”
(Note: There are many sources for buffalo jerky on the Internet, if you are interested.)

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