April 7th

Having arrived at their halfway point, Liberty, MO, on April 7 and ended the portion of the trip on water, the Whitman’s and Spaldings took some time to purchase equipment and supplies for their journey. Marcus and Henry bought a heavy farm wagon and quite a few animals, including twelve horses, six mules and seventeen cattle of which four were milk cows. Narcissa described a tent she and Eliza created while staying in Liberty: “made of bed ticking in conical form, large enough for us all to sleep under, vis. Mr. Spalding and wife, Dr. Whitman and wife, Mr. Gray, Richard Takahtoo-ah-tis and John Ais – quite a little family, raised with a center pole and fastened down with pegs covering a large circle. Here we shall live eat and sleep for the summer to come at least perhaps longer.”

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