March 14, 1808 Born in Prattsburgh, NY

Attended school at Franklin Academy, now the Prattsburgh Central School, and Troy Female Seminary

Taught at Franklin Academy and in Bath, NY

February 18, 1836 Married Dr. Marcus Whitman

March 1836 Headed west for the Oregon Country to begin missionary work

September 1, 1836 Arrived at Fort Walla Walla, Washington

1837 Whitman Mission starts to take place.

March 14, 1837 Narcissa gave birth to the first white American born in Oregon County. Alice Clarissa

June 23, 1839 Clarissa Whitman drowned in the Walla Walla River.

1847 A measles epidemic broke out among the native population.

November 29, 1847 After different issues the mission was attacked and Marcus and Narcissa were killed along with 12 others.